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We have been trying out the 0.2 version of the ntlmHTTP project for ColdFusion, in order to see if we could call the SharePoint webservices. Unfortunately, POSTing a SOAP request never works: we always end up with a nasty error message for any of the new methods. Here’s a sample message:

Could not find the generic method Com.Bluemini.CF.NetHttpRequest.setUsername

Decompiling the .class files that ColdFusion generates to integrate the DLL shows that the methods are there, just like a CFDUMP of the object we create. But CF8 (on a Windows 2003 server) seems unable to call them… I’ll download the source code and pass it on to our local .NET guru for examination. I’ll keep you posted about the results of our investigations (that may take a few days, though).

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