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The Cult Of Mac website mentions a Hard-To-Find The Hills Screensaver -Get It Here. Since it’s a GPL’ed app, I’m sure a few additions to an already fine screen saver (and application) are bound to happen sooner or later…

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Start Saving

Start saving, that’s what I’ll need to do. Nikon has announced a new digital camera, and the Digital Photography Review site already has an extensive preview of the Nikon D90. DSLRs are a bit like computers and mobile phones: there will always be a faster/better/cheaper/bigger/… model next week ;-)

The new Nikon D90

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I stumbled upon yet another excellent article on the Smashing Magazine website: CSS Specificity: Things You Should Know. If you’re somehow involved with web design (CSS, HTML, layout, …) you had better put this site on your reference list!

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Picking Up The Thread…

Picking up the thread, that’s what my family and I are doing now that we have lost a very dear friend. But we will not forget you, Richard!

Of in het Nederlands: “Richard vertoeft nu op de Eeuwige Jazz-velden…

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Nice, Etc.

Last night, I had the opportunity to play around with an iPod Touch connected (wirelessly of course) to the Internet. I must admit that it was fun to see how such a tiny machine succeeded in displaying webpages – even those that are not especially prepared for such a small screen. E-mail: no problem. An update of the firmware can only enhance this little machine – this was a 1.0 Touch. The only thing I missed is a loudspeaker… Too bad the price for a large memory iPod Touch is very high, considering the current prices of USB memory sticks – I have seen 32GB memory sticks selling for less than 100€. Perhaps Apple will do something about that in September?

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Why Don’t You?

I took it – Why don’t you?

The survey for people who make websites. I took it, and so should you!

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The oldest known analog computer, the Antikythera Mechanism, has given up more of its secrets. According to Nature, the Mechanism even included a dial to calculate the four-year Olympiad cycle. Nature managed a timely publication, just one week before the start of the 2008 Olympics ;-)

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