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Cute, But… Don’t get me wrong: I really hope it will soon be possible to buy a 100-Dollar laptop – but is it realistic to expect this to be a success?

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Perhaps Not Essential, But Worth A VisitWebEssentials05 “will always be all about the content. Every one of the 22 sessions over two days will leave you equipped with new ideas and techniques to help you build more usable, more accessible, and simply better web solutions“.

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The Importance Of The Internet For Free Speech. Not too long ago, bloggers, polticians, journalists and web-punters were bickering about the relevance of blogging as an form of journalism. Well those days are over, now that “Reporters Without Borders” has published the “Handbook for Bloggers and Cyber-dissidents“. In their own words, this book (also available as a download in 5 languages) is for Bloggers, who “… are often the only real journalists in countries where the mainstream media is censored or under pressure. Only they provide independent news, at the risk of displeasing the government and sometimes courting arrest. Reporters Without Borders has produced this handbook to help them, with handy tips and technical advice on how to remain anonymous and to get round censorship, by choosing the most suitable method for each situation…“.

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But My Finnish Isn’t Good Enough For The Whole Story: “You’re about to make a million Finns criminals“.

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Typology. I can play with the Typetester for hours and hours. Lovely tool!

More Ajax. How could I miss this one a few days ago? Never mind, I know about it now, and since Coldfusion is my daily bread these days, chances are I’ll get to use it: CFAjax.

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Decisions, Decisions. I have been toying about with Schrödinger, a neat free tool from a german company called Micromata. The tool is a sort of visual Java shell around Tomcat, which is handy if you want to package a browser-based application in a single WAR file accompanying Schrödinger. But somehow Schrödinger would not start up JSPWiki on my OS X installation – well, not in a single attempt. So I’m going to go the long road and install a raw Tomcat on my Mac – actually, I have done this before, but I didn’t write down every step to take if you want to do it right. I’m using the occasion to research the best way to do it: so far, I’ll stick with Ian McFarland on Gamelan in his articles ‘Server-Side Development on Mac OS X: Servlets and Tomcat‘ and ‘Server-Side Development on Mac OS X: Launching Tomcat‘. But there’s something to learn at O’Reilly’s MacDevCenter and at Apple’s Developer site as well… Then again, this might be a good time to try out Jetty

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Database Focus. I’m sure it has nothing to do with the fact that I am immersing myself in (R)DBMS technology these days. I’m very sure that it’s a good thing to see more interest in what is after all the foundation of many applications: data bases. So it’s good to see the appearance of an OBDMS resource portal (http://www.odbms.org) and a hands-on comparison of databases (and application platforms I’m sure) in the c’t Datenbank Contest, a programming competition around a single, fixed problem domain. I’m curious to see the results…

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Additional Info on yesterday’s subject: the Zimbra project also contains an AJAX library, called ‘AjaxTK‘. The site publishes a whitepaper with more details.

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‘Framework’ Is A Loaded Term in the IT world these days, but no matter the definition, a good framework can be a great help when developing applications. During a quick research session on AJAX, I encountered a series of interesting tools – including frameworks (but I’ll let you decide wich is what):

  • Prototype promises ‘Class-style OO, Ajax, and more
  • Rico ‘provides full Ajax support, drag and drop management and a cinematic effects library
  • Behaviour is a ‘solution to unobtrusive Javascript behaviours
  • script.aculo.us ‘provides you with easy-to-use, compatible and, ultimately, totally cool JavaScript libraries to make your web sites and web applications fly

If you’re interested in more about this subject, visit Ajaxian regularly – they have all the latest news in this matter. And that’s also the place to read what Ajaxians think of Microsoft’s (who?) entry in this domain

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Well, Yes, But… I know that Netscape (or even Mozilla) isn’t the sexiest name on the Internet these days, but for developers the mozilla developer center is worth a regular visit – there’s plenty of high-quality stuff about web technologies.

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20 Is A Good Start. I thought I had mentioned this link before, but if that’s so, it’s well hidden in this blog: 20 Cool Tiger Features You Might Not Have Heard About. At least now I know how to change the size of my mouse pointer ;-)

Food For iPods. “Classic Cat is a directory with links to over 3000 free to download classical performances on the internet, sorted by composer and work” – now that is something I have to try immediately (thank you, Schockwellenreiter).

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“Microsoft Is Leading The Industry Once Again…” Back To The FutureApple has widgets, Microsoft has gadgets. Remember, this is what leading Republican politicians call “innovation”!

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Hmmm. I’ve just read on TheServerSide that JBoss is announcing its own Wiki, called unimaginatively JBoss Wiki. When looking over the specs, I noticed that they’re actually taking JSPWiki, ripping out a few pieces and turning it into a portlet. I suppose they can do that, since JSPWiki is distributed under the GNU Lesser GPL… But note: the JBoss Wiki page does not link to JSPWiki, nor does it talk about Janne Jalkanen, JSPWiki’s main author (as of today, Janne hasn’t written about this in his blog). And on top of that: if you want to extend or adapt an open source tool, why not talk to its author and community, to see if you can work together? I’m disappointed that JBoss does not seem to be trying that road first!

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Heavyweight Content. IBM is publishing an excellent series of articles concerning the Secrets of lightweight development success. In particular, the articles explain agile core concepts, lightweight containers, persistence strategies, and more. If you want to learn moere about all this without having to hunt for gems on the Internet, then this is an excellent way to do so.

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“Apple Does It Again”, that’s what everybody will be screaming tomorrow! And the much-rumoured iTunes mobile phone from Motorola is there, as well as the iPod nano. Small is beautiful, although I’m not so sure about the black nano ;-)

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