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A Bug Doesn’t Matter? Of Course It Does! To think that even today some programmers are not convinced that they should deliver faultless software, when Louis, par la grâce de Dieu, roy de France et de Navarre, wrote in 1645: “Notre cher et bien aimé le Sr Pascal nous a fait remontrer qu’à l’invitation du Sr Pascal, son père, nostre Consr en nos conseils, et président en notre Cour des Aydes d’Auvergne, il auroit eu, dès ses plus jeunes années, une inclination particulière aux sciences Mathématiques, dans lesquelles par ses études et ses observations, il a inventé plusieurs choses, et particulièrement une machine, par le moyen de laquelle on peut faire toutes sortes de supputations, Additions, Soustractions, Multiplications, Divisions, et toutes les autres Règles d’Arithmétique, tant en nombre entier que rompu, sans se servir de plume ni jettons, par une méthode beaucoup plus simple, plus facile à apprendre, plus prompte à l’exécution, et moins pénible à l’esprit que toutes les autres façons de calculer, qui ont été en usage jusqu’à présent ; et qui outre ces avantages, a encore celuy d’estre hors de tout danger d’erreur, qui est la condition la plus importante de toutes dans les calculs” (the complete text can be found online at http://www.fourmilab.ch/babbage/pascal.html).

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More Food For Thought. In the words of Florian Muëller: “However, the European Patent Office and national patent systems keep issuing patents against the law… [and] until they are invalidated, patents can be used to intimidate the innocent” (from his commentary in the EUobserver). That’s not a problem of law, it’s a moral (and thus a political) problem. And that’s also why we need nosoftwarepatents.com.

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A Philosophy Lesson… for IT professionals: James Bach says there are “No Best Practices“, and he’s very right about that. If that means that it gets even tougher to make choices, so be it – that’s part of IT!

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Ist ganz Köln papstbesoffen? While I totally agree with protests against the European Commissions subsidy of the event, I’m not yet sure whether these guys aren’t going a bit over the top. But: the site is well done, there’s humour and fun, and yes: we need more space that is free of religion, precisely to avoid the horrors of wars fought in the name of whatever god…

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The Big Five Story Continues… Getting a machine up and running is one thing – and an easy one at that (and not just when unpacking a Mac!) – but getting it in a state where it can be used is something else. Well, at least that was true in the past, but I’m happy to report that Apple’s “Migration Assistant” does a splendid job of moving user accounts from one Mac to another. In case you need it, you’ll find it in the Utilities folder.

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The Big Five Is Up And Running. Yup, the big Mac G5 arrived today, and I got it unpacked, installed and running in no time. I’m impressed by the hardware design, from a users point of view: upgrades will be simple to execute, and even the interior of the machine is nice to look at. Well, off to “Software Update” now: apparently there are at least a dozen updates waiting…

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No Trouble At All. Although the latest feedback on VersionTracker was a bit frightening, I downloaded the MAL Conduit (connecting my Tungsten to the AvantGo servers) and installed it without problems: my favorite sites are back in my hand. I’ll admit it right away: seeing Wired in glorious colour in the palm of your hand is quite thrilling! I hope the problem mentioned on VersionTracker has nothing to do with Tiger… but perhaps I really should investigate Plucker anyway – that could be a nice addition to, and not just an alternative for, AvantGo.

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It’s A Good Question if you’re a Macintosh user: What Is NeoOffice/J (and Can It Replace MS Office)? Just for the record: yes, I’m a NeoOffice/J user – mainly for displaying Powerpoint presentations and the odd Word file (when TextEdit is really insufficient). My main complaint: NeoOffice/J is a slow starter, a least on my 500MHz iBook…

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For Your Eyes Only. Christel en Anouk, ik ben erg fier op jullie en op jullie innerlijke kracht! Love you!

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Disappointment, that’s what I feel after finding out that Versamail on the Tungsten can only synchronize a mailbox over a PC, not over a Mac (at least not over a USB-cable). Anybody knows a solution for my problem? Is a Bluetooth connection my best solution?

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Who Needs A PC… when you can have so much fun with a PDA? I’ve just bought Palm Tungsten E2‘s for my wife and me, and we’re quite happy with them! Compared to the Palm Pilot 5000 that was in use in this home until just a few days ago, so much has changed – and at the same time, the essence is still the same. It shows what a great idea the original Palm was, all those years ago…

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Simply Whatever. Close, and yet far apart: Simply Hired and Simply Fired. The latter site is organizing a competition to find “the funniest, saddest, most outrageous story about how you were fired or laid off” – well, aren’t you going to write your story?

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Nice Touch. I wasn’t able to attend the BeJUG on June 8th, so I was happy to see a copy of the slides from the session on EJB3 on the TheServerSide.com website. The fact that the presentation has been neatly captured in Flash is a nice touch for all interested absentees!

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