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Remarkable Pictures coming from a mobile phone can be seen on the Image America site, where photographer Robert Clark shows what a professional can do with a non-professional camera. OK, so the show is sponsored by Sony-Ericsson, but it’s Robert taking the pictures – and they are good indeed!

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Nondisent les Français. It remains to be seen whether politicians in Europe are willing and capable of reading that resounding “No” to the proposed correctly… What I have seen, yesterday evening on the French television and today on Dutch television, does not raise my hope: telling the public that “the message is unclear, because the extreme right and the extreme left all voted together against Europe, Chirac and Raffarin” is a clear indication of political blindness and lack of willingness to have a democratic debate about what should be in a constitution – and about what should not be in it. After all, everyone says the nay-sayers fall in two camps: those that are against a united Europe, and those that want a united Europe – but a Europe with a heart and a caring soul. Well then: it should be sufficient to convince the latter camp (the others cannot be convinced by definition). Project “Europe” has, up until now, always been about “economics” – is it so strange that people clamour for a political constellation that is capable of restraining the excesses of unmoderated liberalisation and globalisation?

Anyway, while pondering the political debate of the day, you can a look at the Zoomquilt, a collaborative art project. Yup, Flash it is; and endless too.

And For Linux AficionadosGetting to know Puppy Linux (hey, I’m only mentioning this because of the cute name of the distribution concerned!).

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Something Think About When Writing Constitutions. By sheer coincidence, I have just found this proposal from Nova Spivack to add “the separation of Corporation and State” to the American constitution. In his words: “Corporate influence on government, if not carefully regulated, is a threat to democracy [that] may not be as dramatic as terrorism, but in the long-term it may be far more damaging to society. Read the full text; even if you don’t agree with his ideas, you’ll find a lot of food for thought!

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Satire With A Message. The Organic Trade Association has made a great piece of Star Wars satire – with a good message to boot: Store Wars. And it’s funny too!

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I Didn’t Know They Were ComingZappa Plays Zappa – Tour de Frank or “Ahmet & Dweezil Present & Perform The Music Of Frank Zappa With Sternly Accomplished Special Guests & Other People“. This is a hard decision: on the one hand, I would love to hear Zappa’s music performed on stage; on the other hand I’m unfamiliar with the Zappa sons – and I don’t like the acoustics of the Belgium stage (Vorst Nationaal). Luckily for me the ticket sales haven’t started yet… or so it is being said in the press.

Write! If you live in Belgium and want to help the fight against European software patents, then go read Oproep aan het Europees Parlement: stop softwarepatenten! and act as you see fit.

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I Knew They Were ComingiMuffs Bluetooth headset for iPod and cellphone.

It Ain’t New… but as far as can tell, there are still people around (certainly in the Netherlands) who need the facts from this 2002 article: 15 Answers to Creationist Nonsense.

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Let’s Face It: Mac’s Are Very Good. And I have to stories to prove it (again!):

I wonder: how will my friend and neighbour (who works at Microsoft) react to this?

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