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Maxi Review of the new Mac mini at AnandTech.

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Hi, Greg!

Java And Humour: An Improbable Combination. But it can be done: check out this “animated blog entry” called Totally Gridbag. Great fun!


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Can You Hear It, Apple? The gnashing of my teeth, I mean: exactly one week after I buy an iPod photo, Apple lowers the price by a serious margin! And they don’t speak about that price drop on the local Apple website, oh no. […. rumble gnash aaaahhrr….] Well, perhaps the price difference isn’t that big: after all, the new iPod photo does no longer include AV and firewire cables, they don’t come with a dock, and the smallest of the two only has 30 GB capacity. I suppose that’s some consolation…

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ThanksChris, for pointing me to Secure wireless email on Mac OS X. We need more literature like this: thoughtful, pretty complete, serious yet readable, and to the point.

Not Bad. Apparently (I haven’t tried it out) you can have the Wikipedia on your mobile phone, through WAP atwap.maxpedia.org. More details (well, a few at least) at maxpedia.org.


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I’m Beginning To Understand emotions such as this: “For five hours this afternoon I was convinced that I had lost my iPod. It was very emotional.” (http://www.scripting.com).

Tribute To The Model 100 Of Portables. Mobile PC has compiled a list of 100 mobile gadgets of all times, and who comes out on top: the Apple Powerbook 100 (1991), and I just happen to have one lying around – unfortunately, it is broken…:-(. In the top 20 of the list you’ll also find the HP-35 calculator (I had one of those a long time ago), the Palm Pilot 1000 (I still own and use a model 500), and the iPod. Guess I’m truly a gadget freek!


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aBout iPod. Just a few early experiences about the iPod:

  • It works. Full stop. As I have said before, that’s more than just nice.
  • The battery seems very powerful: I had the machine running for more than two hours, and the battery indicator didn’t move from “full power”. We’ll see what happens when I use for a whole day, of course.
  • The iPod is miraculously small: the spinning of the hard disk must remind me of the fact that there’s 40 GB in there! That’s four times the capacity of my iBook!
  • It is a relatively heavy piece of machine; I can see why you need some kind of carrying case or sleeve. At the moment, the Apple thingie from the original box will do, until I know better how I will want to use it.
  • It’s time the iPod gets Bluetooth, so you don’t have to mess about with those pesky cables for the earbuds!
  • The user interface is very practical: remember that all you have is a scroll pad and five buttons – and yet that is sufficient. This was probably the hardest part of the design…
  • The font used for the display of Notes, Contacts, and Agenda is very small. Well, I had to go see a doctor to check my eyes anyway ;-)

More. Soon I’ll start to Hack the iPod’s Notes. And I know there are other solutions available, but this may yet come in handy: iPod eBook Creator – convert books into notes on iPod


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Well… It’s just a theoretical question, of course: is it subversive to listen to Frank Zappa’s “Heavenly Bank Account” (from his album “You Are What You Is”) while working, when you work at a bank? Let’s just say that this question only comes up if you happen to possess (and use!) a portable music player – did I mention my new iPod ;-?

Please No ! I have just received my first ever spam on my mobile phone: an SMS from number 477 20 01 61. I wonder what the phone company is going to do about it…


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