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Grade A For A9. I have started to explore the A9 universe. It’s a very interesting experience, and not just because A9 allows you to keep your bookmarks on the Internet, amongst other things. I was impressed with the ergonomics of the editing functions – we all know (hah!) that a browser page is not exactly the place to look for fluid editing and drag-and-drop, but A9 is doing a great job!

[Update 2010-11-11: A9 no longer does what what it did 6 years ago…]

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The Indymedia Affair Continues. I have found some more details and comments on the Inymedia server seizure on the German magazine Telepolis, and – through Telepolis – in the blog of a UK Member of Parliament. As noted by one of the commentators, if the UK authorities were not involved in the affair, the real question is: why not?. Were they not informed? Did they fail to act? Or are they refusing to disclose their involvement?

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Of Course. Setting an explicit locale to start the Pebble Deskblog solves the problem I had yesterday. Something like this does the trick without a hitch:

java -jar -Duser.language=en -Duser.country=US pebble-deskblog.jar

Nostalgia? I have used Norton Commander for many years, but that was a decade ago. A NC look-a-like, specifically the one called muCommander, can be quite handy at times. And this particular tool runs on Linux, BSD, Mac OS X, and more – even on Windows!


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No Bug In Pebble! So here I am, using the Pebble Deskblog – installed on a USB memory stick – on a Mac (OS X) as well as a PC running Windows2000. That works great – until my first entry in the month october. The PC (at work) is configured as a “belgian” machine when it comes to dates, whereas Pebble on my Mac (or should I say: the JVM?) refuses to parse dates like “15 okt 2004…”. I haven’t investigated the source code, but that seems to be a i18n problem – and it’s a bug to my way of working with Pebble.

Well, I had to know, so I wrote a teensy program to output the locale info, and guess what? On the Mac, Java is speaking English (‘en’), and my PC at work wants Dutch (‘nl’). Methinks it’s not a bug – but I’ll have to add a single locale specification to all my startup scripts, so that all the blog entries in Pebble are always recognized correctly… The ‘-D’ option should do that.

Rumor: 1, Wish: 0. Apple Computer Inc. did not listen to my wish, but at least they do offer the iPod Photo! And since a simple presentation can be saved as a series of JPEG’s, I can see this little machine pop up in professional setups as well…

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Repeat After Me: Open Source Is Good – Even For Microsoft. The October 2004 issue of Microsofts MSDN Magazine contains an article on Unit Testing using so-called “mock objects”. Funny how the Microsoftian editors seem unable to write and speak the words “open source”: NMock is called a “publicly available dynamic mock object library”, and there’s no mention of the BSD license…

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For CSS Beginners (Like Me): “Web Design from Scratch‘ is a practical training course in web design for everyone interested in creating effective web pages“. Runs on Coldfusion, too.

Mania Indeed. “I’m a mac junkie. I collect the machines that I once longed for but as a kid couldn’t afford, and somehow managed to accrue over fifty macs. They’re my hobby and my obsession“, says danamania, proceeding to install Mac OS X on a Mac Centris 60 from the year 1993 or 1994…

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An Interesting Story. It’s not that often that you can follow the development of a web application from scratch (excepting whitepapers from software development software vendors, of course). That makes Jonathan Snook’s story all the more interesting. I haven’t read all currently published stories and comments yet, but I’m sure to disagree with Jonathan on more than one point – which is quite useful, because it will force me to make my on ideas and/or choices more explicit (and possibly change them after doing so!).

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