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Apple Does It Again – reinvent a major product, I mean. Just look at it:

iMac G5

(Copy of a file from the Wikimedia Commons - see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:IMac_G5_Rev._A_front.jpg)

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Going Olympic?The new champion is Ville Piippo“: 5th international Mobile Phone Throwing World Championship. I suppose an MP3 Player Throwing Championship is already being prepared, with a special section for iPod Throwers…

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Wicked And Challenging. “In terms of efficiency versus productivity, perhaps Wicket is to JSP as Java is to C“. Officially, it’s just “perhaps” – but to me it is clear that the authors/owners of this project want to get rid of JSP.

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Sign Of The Times. Athletes are still competing at the Olympic Games in Athens, so it is an ideal moment to mention JudoScript. JudoScript is… hard to define if, like me, you haven’t used it (yet). Try the excellent, on-site presentation (Flash player required – but that should not be a problem) or go get it and us it!

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Could Be Interesting: Grady Booch’s Handbook of Software Architecture – but I can’t get registered! All I see is a “General Error”, without any further explanation of what went wrong or why I can’t go on…

From Paper To The WebExploration Through Example is the blog of Brian Marick, technical editor of Better Software magazine – and that’s a most readable and useful magazine, even (or perhaps especially) for software developers!

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Why, Oh Why? Last week I had to unblock my father, today one of my best friends was the victim of spyware and a teensy virus on his PC. I’ll help them as best as I can, but why won’t they just buy a Mac and be a lot safer?

Basic Flash. No, it’s not about Macromedia’s Flash, it’s about Securing Key Chain Flash Drives or USB Sticks as I call them. And you can learn from this article even if you don’t have a Mac <grin>…

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Unofficial But Worthwhile. The Macromedia Benelux Blog can be found at WaldoSmeets.com.

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