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Freedom Of The Press, ContinuedReporters Without Borders. Don’t visit them if you want to have a laugh…

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So That’s Where It Comes From. If, like me, you were wondering what the “inversion of control” actually meant, then you should look up Stefano’s weblog.

Me Too! This looks a lot like what I want just for myself: Planet RDF as a webbased RSS aggregator.

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Let’s Make A List. Just to keep an eye on them, I’m going to build a list of blogs that I consult regularly. Just today I discovered my cup of Java, containing a number of interesting points of view on Java-related subjects.

Servlet Scripting. It’s a unexpected combination: creating servlets with a self-declared scripting language. Is Groovy more than YASL (Yet Another Scripting Language) ?

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Important Things First. “There is an honourable tradition in British public life that those charged with authority at the top of an organisation should accept responsibility for what happens in that organisation”, writes Gavyn Davies, Chairman of the BBC. I’m almost certain he did not mean to say that T.Blair should resign over the fact that Britain entered the war with Iraq on the basis of “inaccurate” data ;-).

I’m certain that discussions about this affair will continue for a long time – after all there are many themes intermingled, and all of them merit close scrutiny in any real democracy: the freedom of the press (see also: Hutton Report a ‘threat to independent journalism’ by the Britisch National Union of Journalists), the necessity for (or should I say: lack of?) control over intelligence services of all kinds, and the right of the electorate to know what politicians are really doing (not saying!). Any democracy can benefit from such a debate. But David Kelly should not have died for this – he should have been given the possibility to participate in the debate.

Just A Sidenote. I can’t help but wonder why a man with the experience and capacities of David Kelly would suddenly turn to suicide as a way to escape from “pressure”.

How Fast Can Money Be Spent? Try the “Cost of the War in Iraq“.

StrangecoLinux is a sort of an inverted “embrace and extend”…

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To Do. I have to try out the Eclipse RSS Reader. I like the looks of it (except the color orange, but I can live with that!), and will gladly integrate it into my daily routine.

Awesome Electricity: Radek Dolecki publishes some excellent photographs of lightning and storms. Australia seems to have great storms and/or great photographers! Too bad the site does not work correctly in Mac OS X’s Safari, nor in Camino…

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Hot. I’ve started my education in Coldfusion and Spectra. No matter what you feel about the product, you cannot deny that Coldfusion MX is a mature and very productive tool… I look forward to see more about it, and try my hand at something more “real” than the excercises were doing now.

Where? Well, at dit adres (OK, that’s a silly joke, even in dutch). They mentioned a blue dragon and Mac OS X, so I had to have a peek…

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SadFashion photographer Helmut Newton has died at the age of 83 after a car crash in Los Angeles(BBC News).

Sad?This is the story of how George Walker Bush walked away from a years duty while in the National Guard” (or “How GW Bush went AWOL”).

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“Carry On”. “What does it say about a government that arrests artists and confiscates art?” Well, you’ll have to answer that yourself; there are more questions of the same kind at Liberation Graphics, in their website about “The Poster Art of the Palestinian-Israeli Conflict”. And yes, there are some great posters displayed as well.

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Looking Back… No, it’s not my birthday. I’m preparing for a move to my new “home office”, and while doing so I’m trying to clean up my act. I’ve already thrown away tons of paper, mainly printouts of “algorithms and ideas I always wanted to play with, but never got around to”. Today I’m dumping a stack of paper copies of Wired Magazine, dating back as far as January 1996 – feels like ancient times… At the same time these magazines, as well as the copies of BYTE and DDJ that I’ve dumped already, show that none of the current problems of the IT world at large are actually new. Patent law, privacy, copyright, software quality, development paradigms, … they were all there in print, 10 years and more ago.

Still True.

Unless there’s first a functioning civil society, the (capitalist) market can produce economic results for a very short time – maybe three to five years. For anything beyond those five years, a functioning civil society – based on community organizations like churches, independent universities, or peasant coops – is needed for the market to function in its economic role, let alone its social role.Where those traditions exist – the best example is the Czech Republic with its old tradition of a strong and healthy community – the market produces the needed economic results. Where those traditions do not exist – and they do not exist in most of the old Soviet Union, in most of China, in most of India, let alone in most of tropical Africa – the market by itself does not produce democracy and does not even produce a healthy and growing economy.

Peter Drucker, in Wired Magazine, August 1996

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Martin Fowler explains “Inversion of Control” and talks about picocontainers. Will it help Cedric Beust unravel the puzzle?

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Cool ! Stuart Langridge at www.kryogenix.org has a few nifty bits of Javascript code in his “Browser Experiments” section.

Useful ! Tomcat Tutorial: HelloWorld for Complete Fools ;-).

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Hope SoAnother World Is PossibleI also hope a more convincing website is possible!

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Fun, Or Not? I have no personal experience with Windows XP, but I’ll read about the comparison between XP and Mac OS X just to learn more about the Mac.

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Who Will Be Next?We are exiting the APS camera business because of declining consumer demand, which has led to unsatisfactory returns“. Other camera builders will follow, and not just in the APS business…

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Point Well Taken. I’ve been spending quite a few hours at Sitepoint the last weeks – they have a lot of good articles about web site development in general. Their CSS introduction has put me on the right track, and there’s more goodies to be found on their site…

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