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RAFwww.rafinfo.de tells the story of the Rote Armee Fraktion.

A PDA That Knows Where You Are. Or, as Forbes.com puts it: A PDA That Tells You Where To Go.

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Quiz: What is the name of the company, of which a PR executive said that “the company thrives on chaos, which served them well in its early days” ? You’ll find the answer here, in the Seattle Weekly…

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rswt. Just a four-letter word, but one that may have a profound impact – if it gets to be what it promises to be: Remote SWT is very much an X-Windows look-a-like, at least on an architectural level. In any case, this project is worth following.

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Laws of Software Complexity: check them out at Artima.com.

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Why? I don’t understand the discussion that’s going on in the USA – you can trust computers when they’re dealing with your money and your bank accounts, but not when they are used for registering votes? Wired: “Even then, he said, computers and voting should not mix“.

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Important ReminderMichael Parenti writesthat Bush is neither retarded nor misdirected. Given his class perspective and interests, there are compelling reasons to commit armed aggression against Iraq—and against other countries to come. It is time we dwelled less upon his malapropisms and more on his rather effective deceptions and relentless viciousness“.

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Strange… that this lesson comes from the land of unbounded capitalism: Business lessons from the donut and coffee guy. You’d expect wisdom like this from different sources… Seriously now. I know: stereotypes are always wrong, and so is this one – but don’t forget that most people out AND in the US of A always see the extremes, and not the extensive variation that lies between them. Then again, do you think that such a lesson will influence the way world economy is evolving?

And So Is This: Strange. I’m not sure I could work with XML-formatted data if it were presented to me like this.

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Wo’z Up? Can you put one of these (Apple Co-Founder Creates Electronic ID Tags in the NY Times) in a mobile phone or computer and use the GPS info as well as the tagging function?

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AnnouncementRSS 2.0 Specification moves to Berkman. I’m not sure what this will change: I’m stilll waiting for many of the grumblers to say what new things they need in RSS…

Beware: You’ll Need Time… to read this through: …with it comes a realization that the fundamental belief, prevalent for 50 years, that field theory is the ultimate language of physics must give way (from Scientific American at http://www.sciam.com).

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Sure, SureUSA Today reports that “Microsoft acknowledged a critical vulnerability Wednesday in nearly all versions of its flagship Windows operating system software“, just one day after the Department of Homeland Security announced that it awarded a five-year, $90-million contract for Microsoft to supply all its most important desktop and server software for about 140,000 computers inside the new federal agency… Please Tux, don’t laugh!

Stick To Standards, and let Richard Tallent tell you why: Mozilla/Firebird.

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How Appropriate!We will not ship shit“.

An Open Note To Mark Pilgrim. I was pretty impressed with some of the usability stuff Mark Pilgrim (at diveintomark.org) wrote in the past, and I guess I’ll continue to look through his postings. But I am behind the words of Aaron Hockley: “I ask you to cease the operation of Winer Watcher. The only thing being accomplished is a personal attack on Dave Winer” – and there are no good reasons to do so (except… no, I won’t travel that path).

BTW, I edit my posts as well as the next guy… ;-)

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Smooth Surfin’VoodooPad: “Even export your VoodooPad pages to your Apple iPod to view on the go. And with the 3rd generation of iPods, you may now export to the iPod notes folder, with working internal links and all- it’s a portable wiki!“. It’s just that I’m missing… the iPod! BTW, VoodooPad sure looks nice – given the programmability of the tool (in Python, if I’m correct) it could be the Hypercard of this decade.

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For SciFi Lovers, TooA User’s Guide to Time Travel (from http://www.wired.com).

Love This Joke! Just got this in my mailbox – what more can you say ?

A busstation is where a bus stops.
A trainstation is where a train stops.
On my desk, I have a workstation, which is… :-)

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What’s In A Name?SCOT HACKER has been writing about technology since 1994“, and he’s writing about weblogs today. And by the way: “His own Mac-hosted Weblog is at http://birdhouse.org/blog“.

Funny And Serious At The Same TimeConference Presentation Judo.

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Well, Well, Well. Mr. Safe is popping up all over the Internet. Let’s hope this is not the beginning of a new round of mud-slinging in RSS-land…

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