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Keep Up The Good Work! Here’s what I wrote to Dave Winer, when I found out that he shut down http://www.scripting.com/ :

Dear Dave,No, we’ve never met in person.
Yes, I read your blog (Scripting News) almost daily.
Yes, I’m very sorry to see that you have taken Scripting News down.

I do not always agree with what you write – but disagreement is NOT a good reason to call somebody names (or to throw bombs at them, for that matter). Thanks to you, I too am now a blogger – go read http://nukleos.editthispage.com/ (yep, still running there) to see that it takes time to learn how to blog, or to write well in general.

I hope that this mail may offer you a bit of moral support – and I’m pretty sure it won’t be the only one (nor the most eloquent and important, but that’s another matter).

May the Force of the Internet Bloggers be with you!

Let’s Keep Up The Good Work! As long as there is no real, enforceable international judicial order, I think the so-called Belgian genocide law must continue to exist. I’m not alone in that thinking: “Confronting Impunity for War Crimes: The Choice before Belgium — and All of Us” (Electronic Intifada).


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