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No Drumroll, Please. I went to the JavaOne Afterglow event organized by BeJUG today. I was a bit disappointed, because most of the speakers just tried to cram as much as possible into their presentations – they forgot to convey the spark, the enthousiasm, the “yeah” they possibly felt while in SF. Well, at least the keynote was worth the journey. Let me present you with my highlights of the day: “It’s so beatiful, you can read it aloud, just like poetry!” (Stephan Janssen on the coming “foreach” construct in J2SE 1.5) and (probably not completely original): “Web Services are like teenage sex: everybody is talking about it, but nobody is doing it” (Tom Baeyens). I did not bring my camera this time – sorry!

By the way – I only saw a single person in the audience (out of about 160) use a laptop at the BeJUG event, and it was an Apple Powerbook with a 17inch screen ;-) …

As ExpectedApple Computer Inc. rolls out new hardware and software at the 2003 WorldWide Developer Conference. I’m not a fan of the new G5 model’s look, but it sure seems to be fast: “The Power Mac G5 shows major ass-kicking potential“.


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