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Movie Time

I’m not an unconditional fan of BMW (no, having a motorcycle from that manufacturer is not sufficient to be qualified as such), but according to my newspaper (www.freemetro.be) there’s a true treasure to be found at Bmwfilms. Let me paraphrase their article in today’s edition: “Stylish and intelligent movies for a large public… appear to be hard to make, since we don’t often see them. But they do exist. Strangely enough, some of the finest examples are not shown in cinema theaters, but exist only in the form of commercials“. And thus, the famous car builder is using the talents of famous directors to bring us – on the Web – short movies, combining a strong story with a strong (or not so strong) commercial message. I’m trying out some of the downloads (you better have a broadband connection to get anywhere with subjects as this)…


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