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Keep Up The Good Work! Here’s what I wrote to Dave Winer, when I found out that he shut down http://www.scripting.com/ :

Dear Dave,No, we’ve never met in person.
Yes, I read your blog (Scripting News) almost daily.
Yes, I’m very sorry to see that you have taken Scripting News down.

I do not always agree with what you write – but disagreement is NOT a good reason to call somebody names (or to throw bombs at them, for that matter). Thanks to you, I too am now a blogger – go read http://nukleos.editthispage.com/ (yep, still running there) to see that it takes time to learn how to blog, or to write well in general.

I hope that this mail may offer you a bit of moral support – and I’m pretty sure it won’t be the only one (nor the most eloquent and important, but that’s another matter).

May the Force of the Internet Bloggers be with you!

Let’s Keep Up The Good Work! As long as there is no real, enforceable international judicial order, I think the so-called Belgian genocide law must continue to exist. I’m not alone in that thinking: “Confronting Impunity for War Crimes: The Choice before Belgium — and All of Us” (Electronic Intifada).

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Interesting Point Of View. Halley’s Comment of today: “And, as you’ve probably guessed, I think of Anne Frank as a blogger” – dying to tell her story.

Surprise. Until today, I’ve always thought of John Udell as just a very knowledgeable and serious person and writer. But he’s writing comedy too – about a very serious matter, I should add… and I fear his conclusion is more than 100% correct.

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But What About His Buddies?Can Bush Be Both Ignorant and a Liar?” (http://www.slate.com).

Well DeservedDeutsche Software für Mac OS X erhält “Design Award”” (http://www.heise.de).

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No Drumroll, Please. I went to the JavaOne Afterglow event organized by BeJUG today. I was a bit disappointed, because most of the speakers just tried to cram as much as possible into their presentations – they forgot to convey the spark, the enthousiasm, the “yeah” they possibly felt while in SF. Well, at least the keynote was worth the journey. Let me present you with my highlights of the day: “It’s so beatiful, you can read it aloud, just like poetry!” (Stephan Janssen on the coming “foreach” construct in J2SE 1.5) and (probably not completely original): “Web Services are like teenage sex: everybody is talking about it, but nobody is doing it” (Tom Baeyens). I did not bring my camera this time – sorry!

By the way – I only saw a single person in the audience (out of about 160) use a laptop at the BeJUG event, and it was an Apple Powerbook with a 17inch screen ;-) …

As ExpectedApple Computer Inc. rolls out new hardware and software at the 2003 WorldWide Developer Conference. I’m not a fan of the new G5 model’s look, but it sure seems to be fast: “The Power Mac G5 shows major ass-kicking potential“.

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A cymbal that sounds as if it is being plucked are among new sounds made possible with novel music software“, writes BBC News.

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Different Profile

He’s no Steve Jobs, that’s for sure. But as an Apple user, it’s nice to read about one of the founders of Apple’s hardware, Steve Wozniak: A conversation with Steve Wozniak (part 1) and Wozniak looks back (part 2).

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Decisive, Indeed

Henri Cartier-Bresson’s work is the subject of an exhibition at the Bibliothèque Nationale de France in Paris, but since that link is bound to disappear soon, let me point you to his biography at Photo Seminars (http://www.photo-seminars.com). Cartier-Bresson’s work certainly influenced the way I look at photographs – and the world at large, so in a very real sense, his work has been quite decisive for me!

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So You Have Won A Battle. How about winning the war? Read In freer Iraq, new curbs on women’s wear, and Iraqi women ‘forced to veil’, and US forces threatened in power vacuum, and weep. Now you know why I never believed the US of A could “win” in Iraq: two wrongs never make a right.

On RevolutionSoreah Sans, USA, writes: “Iraqis resisting US Occupation sounds more like “freedom fighting” than “terrorism.” If the same convention was used, I suppose the colonists in pre-Revolutionary war in America were “terrorists” who fought against authority — British colonial authority“.

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I wish I knew Eric Raymond in person, because that would help me understand his essay on Hacking and Refactoring

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IBM developerWorks introduced me to James, the Java Apache Mail Enterprise Server. Since James has a plugin architecture for Mailets (cf. Servlets), this could prove to be a very interesting mail platform. Just imagine what you could do for blogging and moblogging, for Wiki’s, and for many other types of transactions, when you can intercept mail messages to a certain mail address and use them to start functionalities in other (Java-based) applications on the server!

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From PowerFrontiers: “Wave powered generators have been around for years but are costly and can disrupt shipping and the ecosystem because they tend to be closer to the surface. In this new tidal based system, the turbines are on the sea floor and rotate relatively slowly. The system is estimated to cost the same as wind power and only a little more than fossil fuels“.

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Not that java dot net (http://java.net/) is a bad name as such… but: is it a threat? flattery? provocation? fun? Update on 2003-06-13: Of course not, says Simon Phipps: “this is the suffix Microsoft stole from the Internet, now we’re stealing it back“.

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Movie Time

I’m not an unconditional fan of BMW (no, having a motorcycle from that manufacturer is not sufficient to be qualified as such), but according to my newspaper (www.freemetro.be) there’s a true treasure to be found at Bmwfilms. Let me paraphrase their article in today’s edition: “Stylish and intelligent movies for a large public… appear to be hard to make, since we don’t often see them. But they do exist. Strangely enough, some of the finest examples are not shown in cinema theaters, but exist only in the form of commercials“. And thus, the famous car builder is using the talents of famous directors to bring us – on the Web – short movies, combining a strong story with a strong (or not so strong) commercial message. I’m trying out some of the downloads (you better have a broadband connection to get anywhere with subjects as this)…

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Weblog Entry About Blogging. I have been experimenting with a few bloggin’ tools. Let me keep you posted about what I found.

I have been running JSPWiki for quite a while already at work, and it’s up (for “internal use” only) at home too – on Mac OS X, indeed, and no sweat. Excellent tool for Wiki lover, stable, lots of features, RSS support and more. Number two is blojsom, a classic “blog” engine. Simple, easy, no problems – what more can you want if a blog is all you need? I’ve also tried (am trying) to fathom snipsnap, “a free and easy to install Weblog and Wiki Software“. Had some trouble here, presumably because I tried to run it from within Schroedinger – Schroedinger is a great idea, but I have not been impressed with its stability and crashes (although those crashes may have been generated by the apps rather than the tool itself)… So I’ll be reinstalling Tomcat on Mac OS X one of these days, and I’ll try the three tools mentioned all again.

And then I’ll try out some of the “blog editors” for Mac OS X – I have found three of them already:

I know: these editors are very simple front ends, but I see them not as the end product, but as the first step on the road to other tools – word processors, outliners, project managers, chat utilities, or whatever – that will incorporate blog editing functionality. And it won’t take ten years to see those on lots of “computers” (PC’s, PDA’s, cell phones), of that I’m certain!

Oops, I’m Found Out: “Think of it this way: is there someone in your work group who is constantly sending around links and articles? That’s your blogger” (Bag and Baggage – Denise Howell, appelate and intellectual property lawyer). Shouldn’t every team have one? Or am I only wishing it were so, in order to convince my boss that he should keep me on ;-) ?

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Alpha To Omega. If you’re developing applications and websites on Mac OS X, you may find it worthwhile to check out Project omega. Just a bunch of (ex-)students putting together a lot of documentation – in French and English.

Letting Out The Daemons, or how to put NetBSD on a small device, in this case a HP Jornada 728: Palmtop NetBSD. I might use such a device to study NetBSD, but what is a non-nerd to do with such a configuration?

A Strange Place For Such A Comment: “I think Apple Computer may possibly solve the problem, changing the way music is played, distributed and sold. It should have happened years ago“, says Phil Zimmerman in an interview on GrepLaw.org.

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