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Seems Like I’m Late Again. “So I decided I wanted something that was a cross between a wiki and a blog – which Ward Cunningham immediately dubbed a bliki. Like a blog, it allows me to post short thoughts when I have them. Like a wiki it will build up a body of cross-linked pieces that I hope will still be interesting in a year’s time…” (Martin Fowler has more to say on the subject). So it’s time to check out SnipSnap.

Calendar Blues. I want to publish an iCal calender (well, several to be exact) on my local network, and I have been a bit disappointed with the possible alternatives. WebCalX works, but has a disappointing standard look and seems to lack navigation features. PHP iCalendar works fine and has all bells and whistles you could want – but it’s embarassingly slow when viewed from older (Mac OS 7 and 8 !!!) Macs… I cannot recommend iCal2HTML: indeed, I cannot make it work at all on my rather standard OS X 10.2.6…


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