Archive for May 27th, 2003

The Future Is Coming… I have long been a fan of Ranchero Software’s NetNewsWire, an RSS (and more) news reader (and more) for Mac OS X. Since a few days, I’m fooling around with blojsom, one of the many “blog engines” – I chose ‘blojsom’ because I can fit it in Tomcat, next to JSPWiki. But coding HTML fragments into text files is not my idea of fluid writing… And that’s why I am eager to try out iBlog, which is a combination of a blog authoring tool and an RSS news reader. Excellent thinking from Lifli – for Mac OS X users only ;-)

… Or Not Just Yet I have finally done what I had promised myself a long time ago: review the layout of the “Weblog Archives“. But since Editthispage is built around tables, I had to do the same – so there are no fancy CSS constructs in sight!

Of course… I was not the only one taking pictures at the Eclipse Code Camp last week – but my pictures sure are sharper!

Rats! Is Sun going mad – even in Belgium? What are they trying to prove? Or are they just looking for a way to stop sponsoring BEJUG/Javapolis? — Update: see also Sun sinks to all new lows and manhandles a JUG.


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