Archive for May 24th, 2003

Confrontation? I think Steven Noels should help Russel Beattie, who’s having trouble with Cocoon. While I am inclined to give Cocoon the benefit of doubt (I sure would like to try it out someday soon), I fully understand Russell’s frustration when he finds it nearly impossible to build upon existing content. Throwing away the past is less and less of an option, now that we’re putting more and more stuff onto the Web…

Good Design Is Hard To Find. So there you are, trying to get your children intrested in a bit of culture, and you find this: a website that can only be navigated in IE, and that does not display correctly on a Mac (any browser). And the artist probably had to pay for this junk, too! What’s worse, this site about the most important competition in the world, is also severely damaged when navigated with Safari on the Mac (IE and Camino are a bit better – unless you diminish the size of your window). And note that I’m only talking about the technical design and implementation…

But… to make up for my frustration with the sites mentioned before, I stumbled upon tatu.com, showing simple but neat tests/tutorials made with Flash.


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