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Eclipse. I attended an Eclipse Code Camp in Brussels today, and had a good time. I did not engage in plug-in development, but just went to listen to Erich Gamma and others. I wrote down two memorable quotes. Erich Gamma on the spirit at OTI, where Eclipse was born: “We make ‘ship’ happen” (‘ship’ as in ‘shipping software’, not ‘sh*t’). Shouldn’t that be every developer’s motto?

Erich Gamma speaks at the May 22, 2003 "Eclipse Code Camp" in Brussels

Erich Gamma speaks at the May 22, 2003 "Eclipse Code Camp" in Brussels

Hans Dockter, one of the contributors to JBOSS, summed up the essence of Eclipse plug-in development: “… while working on [UI parts of the recent] JBOSS IDE, I had a hard time to understand development in Eclipse. We really need a book called “Thinking in Eclipse” to explain it. But this also shows that Eclipse is truly innovative, and not just another NetBeans – [and then turning to Erich Gamma] but you knew that, of course“. But Eclipse is really different, and if version 3 becomes a platform for Rich Client software, then Eclipse is well on it’s way to make the operating system utterly irrelevant, in terms of applicative functionality…

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