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C’est Quoi, Ce Patois? The IT business has a large amount of jargon, so it’s not surprising that there is such a thing as a Hacker’s Dictionary and a Jargon File. It even taught me something about “standard American usage”.

Literature/SF Is The Theme Of The Month. Eric Raymond (yes, the Open Source guru, if I may call him that) writes about Terry Pratchet“Oh ye gods and little fishes”, I thought to myself, “Terry is a hacker!”. Now there are more SF writers that know how to program a circuit or a computer, so that isn’t the essential part of Eric’s story. The crux of the matter is a serious glitch in the educational system: “The truth is that programmers only know what they’re doing when the job is not very interesting. When you’re breaking new ground in any technical field, exploration and improvisation is the nature of the game. Your designs are going to be lash-ups because you don’t yet know any better and neither does anyone else” – and that one isn’t limited to the US of A, either.

But Does It Live In Belgium Too? Fascism is not dead. But this is silly, of course: Franco’s victory… established the conditions for a stable democracy – I’d say most Europeans know better than that.


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