Archive for May 2nd, 2003

Numbers, Numbers, Numbers. I’ve always been a sucker for numbers, so you can understand my joy in seeing a programming metrics tool for Java within Eclipse: Eclipse Metrics Plugin by Team in a Box. It’s works too, with Eclipse 2.1 at least; I had no succes with Eclipse 2.0. Beware however: the numbers that come out of the tool do not give you a clear-cut appraisal of the quality of your code – you have to interpret them correctly. Better start up reading on cyclomatic complexity, class and type entanglement, and more.

Yes, But What Does It Mean? The World As A Blog.

Paradox – Or Just Plain Human Nature. The Internet has been, to me at least, a prime example of how technology can change your world view. Suddenly, the limits of physical space no longer seem relevant: you can read web pages from all over the world, you can exchange thoughts and opinion with anybody with an Internet connection – the global village exists on your computer. And then there’s GeoURL (http://geourl.org/), allowing you to find your neighbour – “in meatspace”, as they call it – through your web pages. Well, OK. You can find me too, from now on.


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