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Labor Day SpecialFreeware Gems for Mac OS X (from O’Reilly Network).

Remember This? That phrase pops up a lot when you’re watching a photo album, or a slide show. From what I can see, I could do worse than use JAlbum to generate my digital albums. I’ll have to remember that name!

We Europeans Are Not AloneWhat Is Happening To The United States?, that’s what we have been asking ourselves for many months…

Watch Out, You Could Get Fired Over These Words: “I don’t want to suggest for a minute that we are shallow people, we Americans. At times we are, but I do think that the phenomenon of our attention deficit disorder when it comes to watching television news and watching stories and then just being finished with them, I think it might come from the saturation that you have nowadays” (from MSNBC’s Banfield Slams War Coverage on Alternet).

Reading List, Continued Again: I’ll be reading Neil Gaiman’s Journal, and possibly his novels and stories as well.

What’s A Blog? Just let John Udell explain some of the finer points to you: Blogs and InfoWorld.


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