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How To Bring History Closer To People. The announcement was made a few weeks ago, but I’ve waited for the site to go “live”: the Einstein Archves Online publishes (large parts of) the written works of Albert Einstein. It’s quite remarkable to see the famous “E=mc2” in the context of the document that proves/explains the why of the formula. To me, the handwriting brings the person who wrote the words closer – you can see a personality at works in the squiggles on the paper. That will surely not be the case when someone were to read a typed blog entry 75 years from now…

Not Yet Snappy Enough. I have gotten SnipSnap to run (in version 0.4.2a). It works- sort of, only. Remember: I’m running this on Mac OS X, and I have yet to launch a DNS service – and until then, the site calledhttp://GigaBox.local.:8668/ will not exist. I suppose that that is just a configuration parameter, so I’ll probably manage to rectify that with a bit of searching. But on top of that, Safari does not like the pages that SnipSnap spews forth (Camino does it better)…


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Seems Like I’m Late Again. “So I decided I wanted something that was a cross between a wiki and a blog – which Ward Cunningham immediately dubbed a bliki. Like a blog, it allows me to post short thoughts when I have them. Like a wiki it will build up a body of cross-linked pieces that I hope will still be interesting in a year’s time…” (Martin Fowler has more to say on the subject). So it’s time to check out SnipSnap.

Calendar Blues. I want to publish an iCal calender (well, several to be exact) on my local network, and I have been a bit disappointed with the possible alternatives. WebCalX works, but has a disappointing standard look and seems to lack navigation features. PHP iCalendar works fine and has all bells and whistles you could want – but it’s embarassingly slow when viewed from older (Mac OS 7 and 8 !!!) Macs… I cannot recommend iCal2HTML: indeed, I cannot make it work at all on my rather standard OS X 10.2.6…

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There’s Always More To Discover. That’s what I like about the Web: there’s always a new angle, a new source of information, a new tool, a spark that may set of something completely unthought of. And you don’t have to go look for them: just surf and read and you’re bound to stumble upon something worthwhile. That’s how I found hexidec codex, home of Ekit the Java HTML editor applet and application. And that’s how I found out about FitNesse, a combination of a testing framework and a Wiki server – Ward Cunningham (again) is way ahead of the crowd!

Check ‘Em, Brother. My brother and his wife recently bought a Nikon Coolpix 3100; they had better check out some of the reviews on Digital Photography Review. And Doug has a few sample pictures, made with this camera, up on Geocities.

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Cool For Pic’s. Nikon just presented the new Coolpix 5400, a nice digital camera with more than enough pixels (5.1 M), a serious lens (4x zoom, equivalent to 28-108mm in SLR) and a flash contact – that’s all I need! And a price of less than a thousand Euro is not bad at all – I’m very tempted…

Cool For Texts. It looks a bit unpolished, and perhaps other (but commercial) offerings can do better. Nevertheless, I will be trying out uEdit for Mac OS X, because it seems to be able to do a lot of small useful things right out of the box: insert code for certain HTML or other programming constructs, support Applescript, manage templates, and more.

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The Future Is Coming… I have long been a fan of Ranchero Software’s NetNewsWire, an RSS (and more) news reader (and more) for Mac OS X. Since a few days, I’m fooling around with blojsom, one of the many “blog engines” – I chose ‘blojsom’ because I can fit it in Tomcat, next to JSPWiki. But coding HTML fragments into text files is not my idea of fluid writing… And that’s why I am eager to try out iBlog, which is a combination of a blog authoring tool and an RSS news reader. Excellent thinking from Lifli – for Mac OS X users only ;-)

… Or Not Just Yet I have finally done what I had promised myself a long time ago: review the layout of the “Weblog Archives“. But since Editthispage is built around tables, I had to do the same – so there are no fancy CSS constructs in sight!

Of course… I was not the only one taking pictures at the Eclipse Code Camp last week – but my pictures sure are sharper!

Rats! Is Sun going mad – even in Belgium? What are they trying to prove? Or are they just looking for a way to stop sponsoring BEJUG/Javapolis? — Update: see also Sun sinks to all new lows and manhandles a JUG.

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The Matrix craze has reached Belgium, so I surfed around and came to 1984 Online: “We are the perfect audience for its mixture of technology, anarchy and spiritual overtones wrapped up in a designer interface, which is why I can’t understand why the DVD special features were not Mac compatible“. Just as if Mac users would be better – better suited, more apt to comprehend, or whatever.

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Confrontation? I think Steven Noels should help Russel Beattie, who’s having trouble with Cocoon. While I am inclined to give Cocoon the benefit of doubt (I sure would like to try it out someday soon), I fully understand Russell’s frustration when he finds it nearly impossible to build upon existing content. Throwing away the past is less and less of an option, now that we’re putting more and more stuff onto the Web…

Good Design Is Hard To Find. So there you are, trying to get your children intrested in a bit of culture, and you find this: a website that can only be navigated in IE, and that does not display correctly on a Mac (any browser). And the artist probably had to pay for this junk, too! What’s worse, this site about the most important competition in the world, is also severely damaged when navigated with Safari on the Mac (IE and Camino are a bit better – unless you diminish the size of your window). And note that I’m only talking about the technical design and implementation…

But… to make up for my frustration with the sites mentioned before, I stumbled upon tatu.com, showing simple but neat tests/tutorials made with Flash.

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