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A comparison of Open Source versus commercial Java Application Servers is detailed at TheServerSide.com or – in Dutch – at the author’s homepage (thesis.pietervangorp.com). There’s also an interesting development around embedded VM’s at the Wonka homepage (wonka.acunia.com).

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Mac Misery

Well yes, misery it is. I have replaced the DVD-RAM drive in my Mac G4/450 by a modern CD-ROM player. It works… sort of: when I’m lucky, I can read a CD, but I can’t boot from it, even though the device + CD is recognized by the system as a bootable CD. So off I went, to Open Firmware. But the boot cdrom command sits there, doing nothing, and after a long time time responds with

"can't OPEN: mac-io/ata-3@20000/@0:9\\:tbxi"

The dev /aliases .properties command tells me that the CD lives at"/pci@f2000000/@d/mac-io@7/ata-3@20000/disk0". So what do I do now? Is the CD drive really there? Why isn’t it recognized when booting? And why can’t I boot from it?

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Publishing a project Weblog – Proper tools can create useful information hub” shows that Jon Udell has not forgotten what he wrote many years ago. Additional comments about the article are in Jon’s weblog. While we’re not yet in the true bloggin’ stage of our project, we have started to use an intranet site as a tool to try and conquer that daily stream of information that an IT project always generates. We’re using JSPWiki to run and edit the site. Lightweight: yes. Functional: very much, thank you. Well, at least for (some of) us developers. But even without the blog function it’s still a handy collaboration tool!

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Campbell calculated a “Hubbert curve” for the world which sees production peaking in 2005 and thereafter declining. The decline will start first outside the middle east. The world will then become increasingly dependent on countries such as Iraq, Iran, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia, said Campbell. But their production will start to decline not long after. And then the need for an alternative will become ever more pressing” (from BBC News – The Money Programme). And more recently from the same source: “But even if Iraq does boost its oil production ironically the effect could be short lived. Its vast reserves represent just four years of world consumption and by the time Iraqi oil is flowing freely, global oil production may already be in terminal decline“…

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Old News it is, for bloggers at least. I hesitated to publish anything about it (it being Life in Baghdad via the web), since nobody can be absolutely certain about the author – but hey, there’s no way to pay him/her a visit today! BTW, his/her site is here (dear_raed.blogspot.com).

“Small” Arms? I suppose these will never fall into the hands of terrorists: When a Gun Is More Than a Gun?

OS X Update. Well, not exactly as you may have thought when reading this title: it’s an update about my troubles with the G4. I have tried some of the advice of Adam Engst. I’m happy to report that at least some of my trouble is clearly attributable to corrupt files: creating a supplementary user and trying the same operations that crashed under my “default” persona demonstrated that. Now all that remains to be done is finding out why these files (and I have reason to believ there are many of them) got corrupted. And no, they weren’t governing the city of Antwerp!

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Obviously: The only “smart bomb” is the bomb that stays at home…

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No, I’m not thinking about the first bomb dropped on Iraq (there must have been many, even – or especially – the last months and weeks). No, it’s not about ‘fear’ in Dutch. The word has everything to do with Mac OS X:

2003-03-19 21:45:24.885 loginwindow[384] Could not find image named `bang'

Yet another symptom of illness on my G4 – see also on 2003-01-15. So I say with Adam Engst: “Wanted: Conflict Catcher for Mac OS X“!

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