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.NET: Microsoft’s Enterprise Ticket?: “In practice, CORBA never reached the critical mass that XML is achieving, thanks to XML’s inherent simplicity and to the rich assortment of off-the-shelf tools that can, as a result, support it.”

Stuctured text

Haiku as a medium for the fast-paced world we live in? Serge Tomé seems to think so…


Apparently, the second space tourist, South African Mark Shuttleworth, has been something of a hero in the PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) world.

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Apple and the Mac

Apple Computer Inc. continues to amaze, if only by releasing the new eMac to educational customers only. At the same time, there’s a fast new Powerbook G4 as well: 800 Mhz is more than just nice…

Software Development

Matthew Stephens is running a bizarre website called Software Reality.

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I’ve updated quite a lot of pages of this log, by adding the “Previous” and “Next” links to facilitate navigation through the site. I hope you will like and use them!

Sidebar: Going through all these pages, I got a few surprises. One of them: I should have known before April 26 that Dave Winer is not a Zionist (cf. /2001/09/28/nukleos-weblog-102/ ).

I’m also putting a link to the Electronic Intifada site (electronicintifada.net) in the navigation bar on the right. I’m not ready to swear by every word they write, but I do know that this side of the story is insufficiently heard by a lot of people and politicians. Why not read this Debunking 6 common Israeli myths for starters? By the way: yes, I’m aware of the fact that this page does not have many readers – does that matter?

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NUKLEOS weblog

Blogging through Jini: 2Blog even uses a USB keyhanger with a few megabytes of memory to go around the world. Goes to show that Jini is about web services, too, although it does not use XML-based RPC.

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In september 2001, the US of A – or at least that part of it that we heard here in Europe – were adamant that they had “the right” to fight terrorism, and that they had the right to choose the place and the way to do that. This meant a golden opportunity for Israels PM Sharon to do the same thing in Palestine… Luckily, some Americans – Jews and others – have managed to shed the irrationalism and nationalism of the post-9-11 days, and are beginning to see that Sharon must go. IMO, Sharon is still fighting his wars from the past, he is not leading Israel to a peaceful future without terror. Let’s hope that America’s top brass will see that too!

Anything is better than having a self-proclaimed “atheist Jewish” politician declare himself to be almost ready to work with an extremist right-wing party – a party that upholds the belief that almost no Jews were slaughtered in the Second World War, that Germany should have won the war, and more revisionist and fascist stuff.

Just by coincidence, I saw the movie “The Siege” (dating from 1998) on TV tonight. The plot must have looked like science fiction just a few years ago, but it could be tomorrows news cast. Chilling? Indeed!

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If you’re developing Java software for Mac OS X, you have to read this Apple Technote about Java Runtime Properties for Mac OS X.

A game as an example for good development practice: it’s not a new concept, of course. But Tetris meets the Java Bean and might end up on a Java-based cell phone…

A significant analysis? I don’t know, I did not follow the case. But Feel my pain! – mapping the mind of chairman Bill is a worthwhile read.

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Mac OS X

Mac Net Journal contains many interesting articles and comments for Mac OS X aficionados.

Or you might want to Dive Into OS X

Software for OS X by Marcel Bresink Software-Systeme. Software from a company with a alluring name: Late Night Software Ltd..


I’m intrigued by the xmlStorageSystem. Being able to store documents as XML can be very useful – but how about performance when you have a lot of requests to process?


Let me classify this under “fun”, even when it leaves a yukky aftertaste: Apple Deals with Devil, Communists (slashdot.org).

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